Hans Schneider ILAS Lecture
Vladimir Müller: Circles in the spectrum and numerical ranges

Invited talks
Alexander Guterman: Krauter conjecture on permanents is true
Dijana Ilišević: On projections arising from isometries with finite spectrum on Banach spaces
Thomas Laffey: On the lengths of some generating sets of matrix algebras
Chi-Kwong Li: Matrix problems in quantum information science
Helena Šmigoc: An equivalence result in the symmetric nonnegative inverse eigenvalue problem

Contributed talks
Anita Buckley: Indecomposable matrices defining plane cubics
Mikhail Budrevich: Extremal non-convertible fully indecomposable (0,1)-matrices
Yorick Hardy: Some open questions about Kronecker quotients
Damjana Kokol Bukovšek: Linear spaces of symmetric nilpotent matrices
Zhening Li: Bounds on tensor norms via tensor partitions
Olga Markova: Length realizability problem for pairs of quasi-commuting matrices
Blaž Mojškerc: Jordan triple product homomorphisms on triangular matrices to and from dimension one
Marko Orel: On matrix theory, graph theory, and finite geometry
Aljoša Peperko: Inequalities on the spectral radius, operator norm and numerical radius of Hadamard weighted geometric mean of positive kernel operators
Bor Plestenjak: Minimal determinantal representations of bivariate polynomials
Rajna Rajić: The Birkhoff--James and Roberts orthogonality in C*-algebras
Stephan Weis: A variation principle for ground spaces
Aljaž Zalar: There are many more positive maps than completely positive maps