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Invited ILAS lecture
Alexander Guterman: Pólya permanent problem: 100 years after

Invited talks
Fikri Akdeniz: A new difference-based weighted mixed Liu estimator in partially linear models
Knut Conradsen Change detection in polarimetric SAR images using complex Wishart distributed matrices
Tuğrul Dayar: Analyzing Markov chains using Kronecker products
Abdelhamid Hassairi: Riesz probability distribution on symmetric matrices and extensions of the Olkin-Rubin characterization
Steve Kirkland: Sensitivity analysis for perfect state transfer in quantum walks
Ingram Olkin: Life distributions in survival analysis and reliability: Structure of nonparametric, semiparametric and parametric families
George P. H. Styan: On 5 x 5 golden magic matrices and 5 x 5 Stifelsche Quadrate
Klemen Šivic: One-parameter semigroups of endomorphisms of a symmetric cone
Peter Taylor: The role of coupling and the deviation matrix in calculating the value of capacity for queueing systems
Yongge Tian: Expansion formulas for inertias of quadratic matrix-valued functions with applications
Panos Vassiliou: Semi Markov migration process in a stochastic environment in credit risk

Contributed talks
Philip V. Bertrand: Simulating data to demonstrate that the Integrated Likelihood Method (ILM) works for parameter estimation when some data values are missing at random
Nesrin Güler: On the BLUEs in two linear models via C. R. Rao's Pandora's box
Jeffrey J. Hunter: The computation of the group inverse and related properties of Markov chains via perturbations
Špela Jezernik Širca: An application of the generalised JLS model on different stock market indices and the 2007-2008 financial crisis
Lynn R. LaMotte: Using the Gram-Schmidt construction to develop linear models
Mika Mattila: Studying the singularity of LCM-type matrices via semilattice structures and their Möbius functions
Nina Otopal: Restricted kernel canonical correlation analysis
Antonija Pršlja: Random walks relative to multiple transition matrices
Simo Puntanen: Links between fixed linear model and mixed linear model
Nina Ružić: The minimax copulas
Burkhard Schaffrin: On a new family of weighted total least-squares algorithms for EIV-models with arbitrary dispersion matrices
K. C. Sivakumar: Inheritance properties of generalized Schur complements and principal pivot transforms of matrices
Živa Stepančič: Enhancing Gibbs sampling method for motif ?nding in DNA with initial graph representation of sequences
Aleš Toman: Estimation of the covariance matrix based on two types of the forward search algorithm
Kimmo Vehkalahti: Solving a 6 x 6 Survo puzzle using matrix combinatorial products
Julia Volaufova: On R^2 in linear mixed models
Hans Joachim Werner: Some results on permutations of matrix products

Talks at Linear Algebra Workshop