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Hotel Bernardin

After almost 30 years of bringing researchers together once every three years with a recent "pandemic delay" the LAW'xx meetings are back again, hosted by the University of Primorska, and co-organized by the University of Ljubljanay and the Institute of Mathematics, Physics, and Mechanics (IMFM). The aim of this workshop is twofold, to mark the round anniversary of the founder of these gatherings Heydar Radjavi and to restart them again.

Scientific Committee
  • Dijana Ilišević, University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Chi-Kwong Li, William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, United States of America
  • Raphael Loewy, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
  • Mitja Mastnak (Chair), Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Canada
  • Martin Mathieu, Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom
  • João Filipe Queiró, University of Coimbra, Portugal
  • Konrad Schmüdgen, University of Leipzig, Germany

Organizing Committee
  • Ljiljana Arambašić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Bojan Kuzma (Local Organizer), University of Primorska, Slovenia
  • Matjaž Omladič (Chair), University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Nik Stopar, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Aljaž Zalar, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Confirmed Invited Speakers
  • Jane Breen, Ontario Tech University, Canada
  • Doug Farenick, University of Regina, Canada
  • João Gouveia, University of Coimbra, Portugal
  • Laurent Marcoux, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Lajos Molnár, University of Szeged and University of Budapest, Hungary
  • Clément de Seguins Pazzis, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France
  • Helena Šmigoc, University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Ryotaro Tanaka, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Young researcher sections
Short presentations by Ph.D. students or postdocs are welcome as usually at LAW'xx meetings.

Working groups
Much of math research is done discussing open problems. We always do that but not at conferences, at least not officially. At LAW'xx gatherings we do. Thus, the number of published papers written or at least started at these meetings is greater than the number of meetings itself. Here are two prearranged working groups for this time.

  • Local to global properties of collections of matrices (lead by Mitja Mastnak and Heydar Radjavi). We are interested in the following question about a collection of n-by-n matrices: if it satisfies some interesting local property, does this imply some significant global property? For example: if for all A,B in an irreducible semigroup we have that the spectrum of AB-BA is real, then the semigroup is simultaneously similar to a semigroup of real matrices. The aim of this working group is to study some open problems in the area and perhaps also come up with new open problems.
  • Moment problems and positive polynomials (lead by Aljaž Zalar). Given a (finite or infinite) sequence of numbers indexed by monomials and a closed set X, the moment problem (MP) asks to characterize criteria for the existence of a Borel measure on X such that its moments coincide with the given sequence. Duality with positive polynomials has led to many new results in MPs. The aim of this working group is to discuss open problems in this area.

Extended abstracts of contributions whether general or "young" should be submitted before November 30th to get reviewed on time.

After LAW'xx meetings have been changing locations in Slovenia, a seaside area was chosen this time, a former Venetian salt-harvesting "colony", where people are still Slovene-Italian bilingual. It includes saltpans at Sečovlje (Sicciole), the touristy place Portorož (Portorose) in the middle, and an ancient salt exporting port-fortress Piran (Pirano).